Picture for a moment that you have been on vacation for a week. You get home to a pile of laundry and a million things to do, which is normal when you have to adjust back into your normal life. You take your luggage straight to the laundry room and put in a load. An hour later, you come back to the laundry room to switch loads and discover a sticky pile of dry clothes in your washing machine.

Did you turn it on? Yes.

Did it do its job? No.

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Sadly, this doesn’t just happen to those who’ve just returned from vacation. Washing machines break all the time for an assortment of reasons and, if your washer isn’t new and under warranty, it’s up to you to fix it.

That’s where we come in. At the Appliance Company, we strive to repair all appliance problems, whatever they may be. And we cover all brands, from Maytag to Amana, from Whirlpool to GE. No machine is out of our expertise.

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Of course, sometimes the story goes a bit differently. What if you have a load of newly-washed, wet clothes from your washer and your dryer stops working? While clothes lines might work in the summer months, what about the rest of the year when it’s cold or raining? Don’t just take your loads to the Laundromat, paying hard earned money to feed other machines while yours sits home unused. Call us at 916-397-0139 to make an appointment. One of our friendly and competent service professionals will be sent out to service your machine, getting your dryer back to drying in no time.

Sometimes, it’s just a clogged vent. Sometimes it’s a faulty part. Other times it’s a burned out circuit board or a dead motor. No matter what it is, we can find the problem and help you get back to washing and drying your clothes in your own home in no time – just as it should be.


If your brand is not mentioned we can and will figure any appliance issue out. WE AT APPLIANCE COMPANY ARE REAL APPLIANCE MECHANICS with the drive and desire to learn and persevere to be the best at what we do as we are the Sacramento washer and dryer repair experts!