Refrigerators are one of the most important appliances in your household. Without a working refrigerator/freezer, you would have to live on canned food and takeout. And while that might work for a short time, what you really need is a working appliance.

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Refrigerators can be tricky to repair, especially if you want your refrigerator to stay fixed. At Appliance Company, it’s our job to ensure that your refrigerator stays cool for years to come. No matter what the problem, we can give it the service it needs to work properly.

Temperature fluxes are a big problem with refrigerators, especially if they flux on the warm side. In fact, constant temperature changes can be more dangerous and problematic than a refrigerator that doesn’t cool at all. Just imagine pulling the milk out of a cool fridge after an entire night of 75 degree temperatures. Not a pleasant picture, right? That’s why we have a trusted staff whose job it is to fix your refrigerator fast.

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And not just the refrigerator! We also fix freezers and ice makers – all makes and models with no extra charge based on brand. Freezers in a state of defrost can cost you hundreds of dollars in food supplies, not to mention a rancid smell in the kitchen if your freezer contained meat of any kind. While there are some temporary fixes that other repair shops might recommend, the important thing is to fix your freezer for good, saving your kitchen and your frozen foods from a horrible fate. We not only can fix your freeze, but we’ll provide a service guarantee to prove it will stay fixed.

Ice makers can also be a problem in the home, especially if they are falling down on the job. If your ice maker is constantly jamming or simply not making ice, then you have an appliance in your home that isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. With just an hour of service time, your ice maker could start working well, alleviating any grief it might have been causing you and making your life just a bit easier.

So, if you have a refrigerator, freezer, or ice machine that is in need of some repair, call us. We will be more than happy to send a friendly service agent to your door to help you save your kitchen… and your food supply.


If youR brand is not mentioned we can and will figure any appliance issue out. WE AT APPLIANCE COMPANY ARE REAL APPLIANCE MECHANICS with the drive and desire to learn and persevere to be the best at Sacramento refrigerator repairs!