Here at Appliance Company, our entire team is dedicated to providing you with superior quality professional service. You can feel at ease having one of our skilled, knowledgeable & honest representatives repair one of your appliances. When an Appliance Company service technician comes to your door, you can be assured supporting him are:

  • Factory Training
  • Management
  • Parts Personnel
  • Service Reps
  • Receptionists
  • Dispatchers

We also have a substantial investment in every vehicle. Our technicians are well-stocked with many commonly used parts for immediate service. As our customer, you are sure to be met with satisfaction of a job well-done.
All of this is provided so you experience only the BEST quality service!
We will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction with our services. We hope you will share your good experiences with your friends & recommend our company to them.
You are getting much more than a single representative when an Appliance Company
technician shows up at your home or business. Backed by the full resources of our company, clients are also receiving the advantage of our technical training, other support personnel, costly test equipment, our extensive parts inventory & many other factors. All this is included in the “Job Rate”. Our service rates are not based on actual time a technician is on the job, but total cost based on average time to replace a specific item. Parts & labor are included in one price; this protects us by averaging our cost & protects you by not having to pay for excessive labor rates.
Limited warranty under the manufacturer means all parts installed by Appliance Company will perform satisfactorily under conditions of normal use. In the event a part should fail to perform Appliance Company guarantees it as follows:

  •  Single Family Dwellings (single family use):
    1 year on most parts, 90 days on related labor*.
  • Commercial & all others:
    30 days on parts, 30 days on related labor.
  • Disposals installed new carry manufac-turer’s warranty only.
  • No warranty on cosmetic parts or non-functional parts, such as but not limited to: glass, trim, knobs, panels, racks, tanks, tubs, baskets, structural parts, doors, door liners, shelves, etc.

All parts installed while under service agreement carry no warranty after service agreement expires.
Repairs necessitated by other defective parts are charged limited warranty. This limited warranty is given only to the customer hereunder & we shall not be liable to third parties, NOR SHALL Appliance Company BE LIABLE FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, except for the limited warranty set forth in this agreement. THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES OR GUARANTEES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, & WE SPECIFICALLY MAKE NO WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
We do not make any guarantees with respect to any other parts. Nor do we offer any guarantees or warranties for rebuilt parts. This warranty applies to labor provided during normal working hours only. Additional charge will apply for other than normal working hours. We assume no liability nor make any guarantee for any loss, including food, caused by a failed part. Parts installed under previous warranty will carry no additional warranty. Once the original warranty expires, all replacement parts use the same expiration date as the originally replaced part. Any work performed on this appliance by customer or another company will void all warranties.
*The following exceptions have 90 day parts & 90 days labor: Ice Makers, Garborators, clocks, ERC’s, all electronic boards.
This fee covers the cost of a fully trained Appliance Company technician coming to your home or business. It also includes a complete check of your unit & provides you with an estimate on the cost of the repair or replacement. If we are unable to reproduce the complaint, the service fee is good for 30 days. If we are able to diagnose the problem, the estimate is good for 90 days.
Warranty may be cancelled at the sole discretion of Appliance Company in the event that a balance due is open after 30 days or if customer’s check is returned by their bank. Automatic cancellation will occur if an account is placed into collections. Customer’s signature on invoice is required for warranties to be valid.
Appliance Company’s obligation under this warranty will expire in the event a part is no longer available from the original manufacturer.
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